Extended Family Members

Extended Family Members

Who are considered as family members ?

Regulation 8 defines extended family members as;

  1. Distant family members related to the EEA national or to his or her spouse/civil partner who can prove they are dependent.
  2. Partners who can demonstrate a form of 'durable relationship' with the EEA national without it being a civil partnership
  3. Unlawful stay: 14 years
  4. Tier 1 and Tier 2 work permit: 5 years
  5. Investor, sportsperson, business owner, arts: 5 years
  6. Ancestry: 5 years

Extended Family Members

  1. Children above 21 years of age
  2. Siblings
  3. Cousins
  4. Aunts
  5. Uncles
  6. Unmarried partners

The Member States are supported by Article 3 (2) of the Free Movement Directive to facilitate entry and residence which is in concurrence with their national legislation for;

Any other family members, regardless of nationality, not falling under the definition of Article 21 (2) who, in their home country, are either dependents or household members of the Union citizen who has the primary right of residence in the UK or due to serious health issues the Union citizen requires personal care from the family member", and "the attestation of a durable relationship existing between the partner and the Union citizen".

There are four descriptions under Regulation 8 which declares an extended family member as:

  1. An individual who is related to and financially dependent on the EEA national or to his or her spouse/civil partner or the individual is a member of the EEA national's household who has either:
    1. Joined the EEA national in the UK and has continued to be a dependent on him/her or has joined him/her to be a member of their household;
    2. Has come with the EEA national to the UK or desires to join him or her here.
  2. An individual who is a relative of and strictly requires the personal care of the EEA national or of his or her spouse/civil partner due to serious health issues that the individual may have.
  3. An individual who would gather together the necessary requirements (except for those in relation to entry clearance) of the Immigration Rules for ILR as a dependent relative of the EEA national where such a person is present and has remained in the UK.
  4. An individual who is not a civil partner but can prove that he or she is in a different kind of partnership or in a durable relationship with the EEA national.

Please note that an individual has no rights deriving for the EU law until he or she has been acknowledged as an extended family member and has been issued

Prior legal residence in the UK is not a requirement of this application and as such any one residing in the UK who is an eligible extended family member of a qualified EEA national, is able to make an application under the EEA regulations.

How can the Extended Family Members obtain a Residence Card?

Here we would like to quote a very useful decision of the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) i.e. Dauhoo (EEA Regulations – reg 8(2)) [2012] UKUT 79 (IAC)

Under the scheme set out in reg 8 (2) of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, a person can succeed in establishing that he or she is an “extended family member” in any one of four different ways, each of which requires proving a relevant connection both prior to arrival in the UK and in the UK:

  1. prior dependency and present dependency
  2. prior membership of a household and present membership of a household
  3. prior dependency and present membership of a household
  4. prior membership of a household and present dependency

It is not necessary, therefore, to show prior and present connection in the same capacity: i.e. dependency- dependency or household membership-household membership ((i) or (ii) above). A person may also qualify if able to show (iii) or (iv).

Though the Ld. Immigration Judge clearly explained how an extended family member can succeed in obtaining family permit or residence card, but it certainly does not make it an easy task.

It is important to note that even a small mistake / omission may result in refusal or rejection of the application made under EEA regulations or dismissal of the appeal / judicial review claim, resulting in making it even more complex. It is therefore strongly advised to take professional representation and leave this matter in our capable hands.

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