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About usWho We Are 

International Immigration Limited is an internationally recognised UK immigration law firm based in London. We boast a wide ranged expertise to support our client’s business and private immigration needs. Our immigration lawyers and trained solicitors are dedicated to maintaining our core values: -

1. Honest advice

2. Reasonable fees

3. High quality service

Our aim is to consistently provide our clients with an exceptional level of client care, professionalism and expertise. Our approach is to over services that are tailored to the unique needs of each individual client at the most cost-effective price.

We are leaders in immigration law, Nationality, asylum, human rights, appeals and judicial review referrals. Our specialisation in these areas have enabled us to establish a profound knowledge of the dynamics of the law and its practical application in these practice areas. Practical advice is what we base our ethos on.

Our solicitors combine an in-depth knowledge of the law and its practical application to your case, with a firm belief in your right to legal assistance and to committed representation throughout your matter. 

Our solicitors place service to the public above all else and are able to advise on the best possible course of funding in the event you do not qualify for legal aid. Our rates are competitive and we can also explore the opportunity to fund your case on a fixed fee basis.

At International Immigration we have been teamed up with the some of the best immigration barristers in and outside London who are specialist in immigration matters.

We speak your language

Our staff members come from different backgrounds and speak a number of international languages including Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Dutch and Urdu.

We charge a fixed fee

In line with maintaining our core values of charging reasonable and cost effective fees, at International Immigration Limited we charge a fixed fee as against hourly rates. This is to ensure that you are in total control of costs.

The fixed fee would normally include the preparation of your case, covering letter with legal arguments, paperwork compilation and the determination of all supporting documents. 

Where you need to meet with us or communicate with us over the telephone to establish whether you have a case, you will not be charged any further fees if you are an existing client.

What We Do

Our immigration solicitors are specialist immigration solicitors who are able to handle all types of immigration work including

  1. Spouse Visa
  2. Fiance Visa
  3. Visitors Visa
  4. Student Visa
  5. Extension of leave to remain
  6. EEA/EU Applications
  7. Settled and Pre-settled applications
  8. British Citizenship
  9. Naturalisation Applications
  10. Immigration Appeals
  11. Judicial Reviews
  12. Human rights Applications
  13. Indefinite Leave to remain applications,
  14. further leave to remain applications,
  15. Settled and Pre-settled applications
  16. entry clearance applications,
  17. Application for fee waiver
  18. Start up Visa
  19. Tier 2 Visa 
  20. Asylum and protection

and much more.

The UK has a complex immigration system and it is set to become even more complicated with stringent requirements being imposed on those wanting to immigrate here. It can be daunting to navigate alone, so let our experienced team help you. We can advise on immigration issues, from which visa you require, through to leave to remain, permanent residence and full UK citizenship.

It is important to note that the government is constantly changing UK immigration rules, so it is vital to get advice before making your plans.

We guarantee to understand your needs and guide you through the bureaucracy of pursuing your application. Working together, we can make a success of your plans to live in the UK.

How We Do

After the consultation, if you wish us to start preparing your case, you can expect the followings from our us:

  1. Our immigration solicitors will discuss the details about your immigration case, assess and advise you on the law, procedure and other requirements for the process.
  2. Our immigration solicitors will liaise with the immigration officer for expeditious decision on the application;
  3. Our immigration solicitors shall keep you updated on the progress of your immigration matters.
  4. Our immigration solicitors will advise you about the implications of the Home Office decision on your application.
  5. Our immigration solicitors will advise you about the documentary evidence to be submitted in support of your application for retaining your right of residence;

Why Use The Best Immigration Solicitors At International Immigration Limited?

A search of the internet reveals many places from where you can get information on immigration topics, but are these sources experts? Are they going to help if they are wrong?

It is always best to follow the advice of qualified practitioners who have studied the law and have experience in the field dealing with issues just like yours on an almost daily basis. It is this knowledge and experience that means you get great value when you deal with a fully qualified immigration lawyer.


As well as offering a variety of advisory services we also ensure that you are never on your own, our staff are specially trained to ensure that all of your immigration needs are taken care of and they work at the highest levels to ensure your satisfaction and to maximise your chances of a good outcome in your visa application or appeal.

Submitting Applications

We help you create your application and make sure that everything is in place and that you are eligible for the visa that you are applying for. Having a fully qualified immigration solicitor take care of your case ensures that your application will be made perfectly and without errors, this means your chances of refusal are lowered significantly.

Checking Documents

Another of our main services is checking documents before they are submitted to the Home Office. Many of the visa routes require some type of documentary evidence and it is the supply of this evidence that will help support or cause the refusal of your application. It is vitally important that your paperwork is completely correct and the provided evidence for everything that is asked for by the home office is provided. They do not work in leniency and errors will be punished with an almost instant refusal. Please do not take any chances with your visa application, get in touch with us today and we will help to check your documents and make sure that the documentary evidence you're providing is what is required for the visa.

The best immigration solicitors in london work at international immigration..

We assist our clients for spouse visa, fiance visa, start up visa, unmarried partners, EEA applications, judicial review, appeals, deportations, bail applications, asylum, British citizenship, Indefinite leave to remain

At international immigration we work with Afghan solicitors, Indian solicitors, arab solicitors and Iranian solicitors. We speak your language.

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